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We are so excited to have our newest drink @drink.renude ‘s CHAGACCINO in the Café! It’s been a hit and has so many health benefits 🙏🏼 Stress-relief, Immune boosting, and Anti-Aging are a few of the health benefits this drink offers. Have it hot or cold, here or to-go and served with your choice of milk!

We’ve got you covered with Fall Gear from The Bean 🙏🏼❄️ Sweaters and T-Shirts are available in XS-XL sizes, make sure to get your’s before they run out! 👕

About Us

Krull spent months perfecting her menu and uses only the freshest organic ingredients she can find, including from local farmers markets. To add a flare to her new space, Kerry called on her daughter, Kendra, whose design skills has transformed the café into a romantic setting featuring an old yet modern elegance. With a hammer in hand, Kendra built the shelving units, painted the walls, and completely designed the newly reconstructed café that is Romancing the Bean. When the doors opened, Kerry’s son, Ramsey, helped set up their computer system and filled in as barista until new employees were added.

The Cafe

This café/coffee house is a southern California gem built on hard work, family, and love. And family doesn’t just mean Kerry and her kids, the Romancing the Bean family has now grown to include three chefs, a number of baristas and servers, and of course the wonderful and supportive customers that followed the Krull family through their journey to become the Daily News Readers Favorite Choice "Coffee shop” 2013 and the Burbank Leader’s “Best of Burbank” 2013.